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  • Improvement of high temperature solar colectors, with the development of:
    • New coatings (selective, reflective, self-cleaning, etc.)
    • New heat transfer fluids and thermal storage systems.
  • Improvement of thermoelectric plants (analysis of HTFs, control and communications systems for autonomous heliostats, etc.)
    • Development of new configurations and components (trackers, receivers, heliostats, etc.)
  • Stirling Engines for solar applications

icon cic CSP

  • Basic research:
    • Materials for sensible heat storage
    • Materials for latent heat storage
    • Materials for thermochemical heat storage
  • System research:
    • Material development and characterization
    • Material and device modelling and simulation
    • Device prototyping and testing

icon tecnalia CSP

  • High temperature thermal storage:
    • Design, synthesis and characterisation of storage materials and fluids.
    • Validation of material containers.
    • Simulations of fluid mechanics, design of heat exchangers.
  • Small scale solar thermal power, solar fields for medium temperature applications (100-300 ºC).
  • Solar fields, collectors and heliostats.
    • New coatings.
    • Solar tracking systems and advanced communications.
    • TRNSYS simulation, ray tracing, fluid mechanics, thermal and mechanical etc.
  • Materials and components for high temperature solar thermal power: corrosion, abrasion, erosion, new protective coatings, etc.

icon cic nanogune CSP

  • Basic research into the field of nanoscale materials with important fields of application in the energy sector and especially in energy storage.


univesidades CSP


  • Training of scientists, engineers and highly qualified staff in the energy sector and related fields.
  • Basic and applied research in the field of materials science and engineering.
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